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2018-02-28 10:56


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  对于雅思口语furniture这个话题,大家要注意两点,第一,furniture不可数,得用a piece of furniture,第二,人家让咱们说“家具”,要是大家说起了“家电”就不太好了。所以其实供我们选择的物件也比较有限,我们可以聊bed,desk,chair,dinner table,closet,bookcase等。



  I’d like to talk about our closet in our old house. It was completely made from wood, and it was painted into yellow with some simple patterns, you know, like squares and triangles. The texture is quite smooth, and it is about this big. There’s a full-length mirror attached to it. Originally, the closet used to face my bed, but at night, whenever I took a look at the mirror, I would feel a little bit creepy, so I had it moved next to my bedroom door.

  For me, the closet is full of my entire childhood memory. It was my favorite hiding place when I was playing hide and seek. The closet was big enough to hold me, and I always hid under a big pile of clothes, so my friends could never find me.

  Like I said, this closet has big capacity, I could put all of my clothes in it. And the best part is, I could hide anything that I didn’t want my parents to see in that closet. For example, whenever I got a love letter, I would hide it in the drawer under my sock box. So you see, that closet knows about many of my secrets.

  Oh, and in some ways, it recorded my growth. I mean, my mom always marked my height on one of the edges, so now if I check the closet, I would know how tall I was when I was… like 10 years old.

  Um… So you see, this closet really means a lot to me, even though it’s been a long time since we moved out, we still keep it in the old house.

  pattern = a regular arrangement of lines, shapes, colors, etc. as a design on material, carpets, etc. 例如:

  a pattern of diamonds and squares

  a shirt with a floral pattern

  texture = the way a surface, substance or piece of cloth feels when you touch it, for example how rough, smooth, hard or soft it is例如:

  the soft texture of velvet

  She uses a variety of different colors and textures in her wall hangings.

  The method used will vary with the soil texture and climate.

  full-length = (of a mirror or picture) showing the whole of a person's body例如:

  a full-length portrait

  creepy = causing an unpleasant feeling of fear or slight horror = scary例如:

  a creepy ghost story

  It's kind of creepy down in the cellar!

  hiding place = a place where somebody / something can be hidden

  hide and seek = a children's game in which one player covers his or her eyes while the other players hide, and then tries to find them

  pile = a number of things that have been placed on top of each other例如:

  a pile of books/ clothes/ bricks

  He arranged the documents in neat piles.

  She looked in horror at the mounting pile of letters on her desk.

  capacity = the number of things or people that a container or space can hold例如:

  The theatre has a seating capacity of 2 000.

  a fuel tank with a capacity of 50 liters

  The hall was filled to capacity (= was completely full).

  They played to a capacity crowd (= one that filled all the space or seats).

  a hard disk storage capacity of 500 gigabytes

  love letter = a letter that you write to somebody telling them that you love them

  in some ways = in a way = in one way = to some extent, not completely 例如:

  In a way it was one of our biggest mistakes.

  move out = to leave your old home














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