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2018-01-15 10:26


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  This topic reminds me of the time I was travelling in Thailand. During that trip, we took tons of pictures. The scenery was gorgeous, I mean, the crystal clear ocean, the cloudless sky and everything. The amazing part is that we don’t need to add filters to our pictures ‘cause the colors are already perfect.

  Among all the pictures we took from that trip, my favorite one was a snapshot by my mom. It was taken when I was going parasailing. I still remember before I was pulled up into the air, I was so nervous. It was like my heart was in my mouth. And my mom successfully snapped the moment I “took off”. In the picture, I was laughing and crying at the same time, so you can imagine, my facial expression was super hilarious. My eyes were tightly closed, and my mouth was wide open. My hands were holding the ropes firmly. And my coach was up there with me, he was posing the thumb-up to the camera, which is a funny contrast with me.

  Another thing I have to mention is that the colors of that picture is really harmonious, I mean, I was there against the cloudless blue sky, the parachute was multi-colored, just like the colors of a rainbow. So I have to admit, my mom really has great photography skills.

  So that’s the good picture I’d like to talk about.


  and everything = (informal) and so on; and other similar things 例如:

  Have you got his name and address and everything?

  She told me about the baby and everything.

  snapshot = a photograph, especially one taken quickly例如:

  holiday snaps

  my heart was in my mouth = somebody feels nervous or frightened about something例如:

  My heart was in my mouth as she opened the envelope.

  snap = (informal) to take a photograph 例如:

  A passing tourist snapped the incident.

  She seemed oblivious to the crowds of photographers snapping away.

  harmonious = arranged together in a pleasing way so that each part goes well with the others = pleasing 例如:

  a harmonious combination of colors

  against = with something in the background, as a contrast例如:

  His red clothes stood out clearly against the snow.

  (figurative) The love story unfolds against a background of civil war.

  multi-colored = consisting of or decorated with many colors, especially bright ones 例如:

  a multicolored dress


  I’d like to talk about the trip I took to Thailand.

  I went there with my parents last winter. The temperature there at that time of year is super comfortable, I mean, the air was pleasantly humid and warm, the sun was not that dazzling, every day there was gentle breeze.

  And the view I saw there was just like the one on a postcard or a screen saver. The ocean is crystal clear, and the sand was soft and warm. I went there during the peak season, so the beach was lousy with people.

  The most thrilling thing I did there was parasailing. Actually, I was a little bit afraid of height, but when I saw other people screaming and laughing in the air, I became so curious that I wanted to give it a try myself. At first, before I was pulled up into the air, I was so nervous. However, the moment I “took off”, I was impressed by what I saw, I mean, I could have a bird’s eye view of the whole area, and it was even more splendid from up there. I totally forgot about my fear. That was quite an experience.

  Um… at night, when it was getting dark, I saw countless stars in the sky, which is not something I could usually see in the city, because of the light pollution, you know. I was so amazed by the starry sky, and you know what, I even saw a shooting star. My parents and I made a wish on it.

  So you see, the whole trip was really memorable.


  screen saver = a computer program that replaces a screen display on a computer with another, moving, display after a particular length of time, to stop the screen from being damaged

  peak = [only before noun] used to describe the highest level of something, or a time when the greatest number of people are doing something or using something 例如:

  It was a time of peak demand for the product.

  March is one of the peak periods for our business.

  The athletes are all in peak condition.

  We need extra help during the peak season.

  lousy with something / somebody = having too much of something or too many people例如:

  This place is lousy with tourists in August.

  a bird's-eye view (of something) = a view of something from a high position looking down例如:

  From the plane we had a bird's eye view of Manhattan.

  you know what = (idiomatic) a phrase used to get someone's attention before announcing something. 例如:

  Well, you know what, he's got a cloud over him. You have to live with who you are and make your peace with your maker about what you really are.














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