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2017-12-19 15:01


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  光是“conversation with a stranger”这个题目对于我们这些从小被教育“不要跟陌生人讲话”的孩子来说就够难了,出题官还要求这个conversation是interesting的!简直太过分了……

  很多孩子绞尽脑汁,也想不出跟陌生人聊天的场景。顶多是在bar偶遇个帅哥,Party上被介绍给朋友的朋友等等。如果选择这两个场景的烤鸭们,可以考虑跟interesting foreigner那个话题合并一下。

  另外一个很easy的思路,就是之前提到过的,跟旅行话题合并,随便遇到一位热情好客又健谈的taxi driver,聊当地的吃喝玩乐,也就是跟a city you’ve been to放在一起准备。

  I’d like to talk about the time I talked to a taxi driver in Japan.

  It was about 3 years ago, my friends and I took a trip to Okinawa in Japan, which is a famous holiday destination. When we arrived there, we grabbed a taxi at the airport. And the driver was so talkative and hospitable/welcoming. His English is surprisingly good, well, for a Japanese, you know, who tend to speak with a funny accent.

  Anyway, he recommended a lot of tourist attractions to us.

  We asked him whether there’re any unique activities we could do in Okinawa besides sightseeing. And he said, if we are interested, we could try snorkeling, ‘cause Okinawa is a paradise for water activity lovers. The ocean is crystal clear, and the views underwater are breathtakingly gorgeous. When you get into the water, you could see tons of marine animals, and if you are lucky enough, you could even see seals.

  After I heard what he said, I was so psyched, and I couldn’t wait to try it. However, I checked with my friends, none of them were interested. So I just had to give up my plan, which has become my biggest regret so far.

  Anyway, I was still grateful to the taxi driver for letting me know that I could try this sport some day in the future, I mean, the next time I’m there.


  destination = a place to which somebody / something is going or being sent例如:

  popular holiday destinations like the Bahamas

  to arrive at/ reach your destination

  Our luggage was checked all the way through to our final destination.

  grab = to have or take something quickly, especially because you are in a hurry例如:

  Let's grab a sandwich before we go.

  I'll grab a bite to eat in town.

  Grab a cab and get over here.

  I managed to grab a couple of hours' sleep on the plane.

  Grab a seat, I won't keep you a moment.

  hospitable = (of a person) pleased to welcome guests; generous and friendly to visitors = welcoming 例如:

  The local people are very hospitable to strangers.

  paradise = a perfect place for a particular activity or kind of person 例如:

  The area is a birdwatcher's paradise.

  seal = a sea animal that eats fish and lives around coasts. There are many types of seal, some of which are hunted for their fur. 例如:

  a colony of seals

  grey seals basking on the rocks

  The annual seal hunt takes place on the pack ice off Greenland.

  psyched = [not before noun] (informal, especially North American English) excited, especially about something that is going to happen 例如:

  The kids are really psyched about the vacation.

  grateful = feeling or showing thanks because somebody has done something kind for you or has done as you asked例如:

  I am extremely grateful to all the teachers for their help.

  We would be grateful for any information you can give us.

  She seems to think I should be grateful to have a job at all.

  He was grateful that she didn't tell his parents about the incident.

  Grateful thanks are due to the following people for their help.

  Kate gave him a grateful smile.














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