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  从头到尾扫一遍雅思口语Part 2的机经题目,你会发现这些题目貌似可以串起来哦!

  1. Describe an interesting person from another country

  2. Describe a helpful person in work or study

  3. Describe a thing that a wise person did / a person who give a clever solution to a problem

  4. Describe an experience that you taught a friend or a relative

  5. Describe an achievement that you are proud of

  6. Describe an occasion where somebody gave you positive suggestions

  7. Describe a situation (or a time) when you helped someone

  8. Describe a recent change of you

  9. Describe an English lesson you had

  10. Describe a good parent

  基本思路就是:英语课是有趣的外教上的,teaching method特别棒,从前不喜欢英文,但之后就一下子就爱上了英语。小外甥的英文不好,你来教他正确的英文学习方法,结果他的成绩突飞猛进,你超级自豪!或者你自己英文不好,老师帮你用正确的方法提升英文,或者你的英文虽然不好,但是你妈咪从不指责你,因为她的parenting style特别棒,很耐心的帮你分析原因……


  Recently, I changed the way I learn English with the help of my foreign teacher.

  I used to memorize those grammar and vocabularies by rote, and I never opened my mouth and used what I learned to talk to anyone. In order to improve my grades, I always stayed up late and did those exercises on my textbook again and again, but sadly, no matter how hard I tried, the grades were just not satisfying.

  But things changed after I had my first English lesson with my foreign teacher. He’s from America, with blond hair and big blue eyes. It’s fair to say, he’s the most handsome teacher I’ve ever had. So he left a pretty good first impression on me. And the best part is, he’s got a great sense of humor. He made us laugh a lot with the hilarious jokes he told.

  What I love most about him is his teaching style. He told us, the purpose of learning English is to communicate with foreigners, rather than taking exams. He would design some entertaining class activities to encourage us to speak. Besides, he also recommended some interesting TV series and movies to us. He said, they can create an English-speaking environment, which is definitely beneficial to our listening and speaking skills.

  After that class, I kind of fell in love with English.


  I’d like to talk about my foreign teacher Tony, who’s an American. He’s like my idol during my primary school, ‘cause he’s so talented and I really enjoyed his teaching style.

  Unlike other Chinese English teachers, his class is super entertaining. We learned those grammar and vocabularies through games he carefully designed. So all of a sudden, all the boring grammar seemed to be pretty interesting. And magically, we just remembered those vocabularies. He tried to involve us in the class activities as much as possible, instead of giving tedious lectures, he always asked us to give presentations about hot topics in front of the whole class. Even though we could only use simple words and expressions. He always encouraged us to speak more.

  During class breaks, he liked to perform on the platform for us. Not only did he share songs from his own country with us, he’s also a master of Chinese art. Incredibly, he could sing our traditional opera in the northeast of China. And telling jokes is his forte, he always cracked us up with his hilarious stories. /Although he’s 20 years older than us, there’s no generation gap between us at all. His facial expressions and body language are super dramatic, which is really funny and always cracks us up.

  Unfortunately, he was only with us for one semester. And we’ve lost touch, now I really miss him.


  I think my mom is a good parent because she has unique parenting style and educational skills.

  She’s the kind of parent who doesn’t care much about my grades, but it’s not that she doesn’t care about my study. What I mean is she believes that it’s the knowledge that truly matters. She doesn't want to turn me into a study machine who can only do well in exams, but has no practical skills.

  For example, when I studied English, I used to … (把之前说的不太科学的学习方法再说一遍,然后再把外教那一套理论按在妈咪身上)


  I’d like to talk about the time I taught my cousin some really useful ways to learn English.

  My cousin always has a hard time getting good grates in English, it’s not that she doesn't work hard, actually, it’s fair to say she almost worked her ass off. But no matter how hard she tried, she just couldn’t get a satisfying grade.

  So one day, she came to me for help, to be honest, I didn’t know why she would ask me for help, maybe because she thought I was preparing for IELTS, my English must be good. Anyway, after some communication, I realized her problem is that she didn’t have a proper way to learn English. I mean, she just learned this subject to pass exams, so every day she just remembered those new vocabularies by rote without actually using them.

  I told her, the main purpose of learning English is to communicate with foreigners and to get to know foreign culture, sometimes, in order to truly master this language, we have to change our way of thinking. Just memorizing those vocabularies is far from enough.

  So I taught her my way of learning English. I told her it’s a good idea to create an English speaking environment by watching American or British talk shows or TV series, and it’s also useful to actually talk to foreigners, like in an English corner or even in a outdoor café.

  And long story short, after a semester, her grades did improve a lot. This was the first time I had been a teacher, honestly I’m pretty proud of myself.


  by rote = the process of learning something by repeating it until you remember it rather than by understanding the meaning of it

  hilarious = extremely funny 例如:

  a hilarious joke/ story

  Lynn found the whole situation hilarious.

  Do you know Pete? He's hilarious.

  tedious = lasting or taking too long and not interesting 例如:

  The journey soon became tedious.

  We had to listen to the tedious details of his operation.

  forte = a thing that somebody does particularly well 例如:

  Languages were never my forte.

  crack somebody up = to make somebody laugh a lot 例如:

  Gill's so funny, she just cracks me up.

  generation gap = the difference in attitude or behavior between young and older people that causes a lack of understanding 例如:

  a movie that is sure to bridge the generation gap

  lose touch (with somebody/something) = to no longer have any contact with somebody / something 例如:

  I've lost touch with all my old friends.

  have a hard time doing something = have difficulty doing something 例如:

  I had a hard time getting him to pay up.

  work one’s ass off = to cause a person to work excessively or to the point of exhaustion 例如:

  He worked our asses off all week.

  far from = almost the opposite of something or of what is expected例如:

  It is far from clear (= it is not clear) what he intends to do.

  Computers, far from destroying jobs, can create employment.

  long story short = used when you are saying that you will get to the point of what you are saying quickly, without including all the details 例如:

  To cut a long story short, we didn't get home until 3 in the morning!














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