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2017-12-13 16:37


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  有同学表示在雅思口语里那道big company总是傻傻想不起来有什么公司。之前跟大家说过,餐饮娱乐公司也是company啊,你敢说北京的稻香村不是big company么!所以你家里要是有那种嗷嗷有名的全国连锁咖啡店啦,西点店啦,传统美食加盟店啦,都是可以拿出来聊聊的。而且还跟大家说过,描写这种店的好处是,我们可以讲室内装修设计啦,卖的产品啦,多么悠久的历史多么有知名度啦,员工福利啦等等。这样就把一个看似陌生的话题,引到了大家熟悉的领域,讲起来也会比较得心应手一些。

  I’d like to talk about a food company in my hometown called Fu Yuan Guan, which sells pastries and all kinds of traditional Chinese food. It was founded about 100 years ago, and now it has become a chain restaurant that has more than 100 branches all over China. And it’s not uncommon to send cakes or other products in this restaurant to friends and relatives as gifts on festivals and national holidays.

  It’s even on a famous documentary featuring well-known cuisines all around China because of their unique products. Since then, it has become a magnet for foodies all across the country. Every day, not just on holidays, the whole place is packed. It’s impossible to get a table without a reservation.

  The decoration of this restaurant has a completely Chinese style. I mean, the wooden tables and chairs, plus the calligraphy on the wall add a lot of Chinese flavor to this restaurant.

  And people working there have great employee benefits, I mean, everyone has paid vacations, and on their birthdays, they can get a big present from the company, like cash or shopping card. Oh, and during national holidays, they get triple payment. So you can imagine, employees have great job satisfaction when they are working for this company.


  pastry = a small cake made using pastry (a mixture of flour, fat and water or milk that is rolled out flat and baked as a base or covering for pies, etc.)

  found = to start something, such as an organization or an institution, especially by providing money = establish例如:

  to found a club/ company

  Her family founded the college in 1895.

  chain = a group of shops/ stores or hotels owned by the same company例如:

  a chain of supermarkets/ a supermarket chain

  branch = a local office or shop/ store belonging to a large company or organization 例如:

  The bank has branches all over the country.

  Our New York branch is dealing with the matter.

  feature = to include a particular person or thing as a special feature例如:

  The film features Cary Grant as a professor.

  The latest model features alloy wheels and an electronic alarm.

  Many of the hotels featured in the brochure offer special deals for weekend breaks.

  cuisine = (from French) a style of cooking 例如:

  Italian cuisine

  foodie = (informal) a person who is very interested in cooking and eating different kinds of food

  packed = extremely full of people = crowded 例如:

  The restaurant was packed.

  The show played to packed houses (= large audiences).

  calligraphy = beautiful handwriting that you do with a special pen or brush; the art of producing this 例如:

  a poem written in neat italic calligraphy

  job satisfaction = the good feeling that you get when you have a job that you enjoy














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