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  Do you like to keep up with the latest news?

  Well, it depends on what kind of news we are talking about. I prefer to read about social events and news in the show business, like who’s going out with my idol, or who’s having an affair, that kind of thing. I know it’s none of my business, but me and my friends just love to gossip about them, I mean, it’s a good way to entertain ourselves.

  Why do you want to know the latest news?

  Um… first of all, I’m curious about what’s going on in this world, especially things happening around me. And also, talking about current events is like a daily activity I would do when I’m hanging out with my friends. I certainly don’t want to look like an idiot who knows nothing about the current affairs.

  How do you usually get your news?

  In most cases, I get news from the Internet on my phone, ‘cause there are many applications that can give me up-to-the-minute news. It’s super convenient. And sometimes I can know what happened when I’m chatting with my friends.

  Do you prefer to read newspapers or watch TV to get your news?

  Um… to be honest, neither of them. I mean, I hardly ever read newspapers except when I’m on a plane where I’m not allowed to use my phone, and for the past four years, I’ve been living in the school dorm where we don’t have a TV. So, like I said, I just read news on my phone.

  Which do you think is more important, domestic news or international news?

  Um… if you ask me, they are equally important. I mean, domestic news is closely related to our daily life, and some policies our government made can affect our decisions, like the second child policy, or the number of houses you can buy. And for future international students like me, it’s important to read about international news, it can provide information about which country is most welcoming and the safest, you know, things like that.

  Would you say the news affects your life very much?

  Well, generally it has little influence, but sometimes, if the news is closely related to my life, it might have some effect, for example, last year, there’s news about second child policy, after that, my parents have been thinking about giving me a little brother or sister.

  Who is more interested in the news, older people or younger people?

  Well, it depends on the kind of news. Older people are more into news about politics and military, and they are more concerned about social events. However, younger generation, we are more interested in the news about celebrities.

  Would you like to be a news reporter?

  Um… not really. It’s not my dream job. Plus, you need to have a strong sense of social responsibility, ‘cause being a reporter is not just about telling people the interesting stuff that’s happening, sometimes you need to have the courage and sense of justice to reveal the dark side of the society, which is pretty dangerous and risky, ‘cause those bad guys tend to get back at you after you expose them to the public.


  business = something that concerns a particular person or organization 例如:

  It is the business of the police to protect the community.

  I shall make it my business to find out who is responsible.

  My private life is none of your business (= does not concern you).

  It's no business of yours who I invite to the party.

  current affairs = events of political or social importance that are happening now

  up-to-the-minute = having or including the most recent information

  if you ask me = in my personal opinion 例如:

  Their marriage was a mistake, if you ask me.

  dark = evil or frightening 例如:

  There was a darker side to his nature.

  the dark forces of the imagination

  get back at somebody = to do something bad to somebody who has done something bad to you; to get revenge on somebody 例如:

  I'll find a way of getting back at him!

  expose = to tell the true facts about a person or a situation, and show them/ it to be immoral, illegal, etc. 例如:

  She was exposed as a liar and a fraud.

  He threatened to expose the racism that existed within the police force.














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