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2017-10-09 10:55





  This topic reminds me of the time I transferred to a new primary school when I was little.

  It was my fifth grade, there was a newly opened school near my place. My mom told me they invested a huge amount of money into this school, which means they have the most advanced facilities in the city, like there’s a gym, which is rare in a primary school at that time, you know. And they have multimedia teaching facilities in the classroom, which made learning much more fun. And I was told, they use marker pens instead of chalks, which is good news for me ‘cause I really hate those chalk dust. And needless to say, they hired the most qualified teachers in the city who at least have a master’s degree.

  And the best part is, it’s only within walking distance of my home. It only took me 5 minutes every morning to go to school, which means I didn’t have to get up that early every day.

  So my dad just went ahead and finished all the paperwork for me. And I started my second semester in fifth grade in a brand new school. But I didn’t feel I was an outsider, ‘cause all the students there were strangers. We didn’t know one another, but gladly, all the teachers and fellow students were super nice and friendly, so we just hit it off at once.

  So that’s what I remembered about that experience.

  Place = a house or flat/apartment; a person's home 例如:

  What about dinner at my place?

  I'm fed up with living with my parents, so I'm looking for a place of my own.

  I thought I'd better clean the place up.

  Rare = not done, seen, happening, etc. very often 例如:

  a rare disease/ occurrence/ sight

  This weekend, visitors will get a rare chance to visit the private apartments.

  It's extremely rare for it to be this hot in April.

  It is rare to find such loyalty these days.

  On the rare occasions when they met he hardly even dared speak to her.

  It was a rare (= very great) honor to be made a fellow of the college.

  Be good news for somebody = to be likely to be helpful or give an advantage 例如:

  The cut in interest rates is good news for homeowners.

  Brand new = completely new 例如:

  a brand new computer

  She bought her car brand new.

  Outsider = a person who is not accepted as a member of a society, group, etc. 例如:

  Here she felt she would always be an outsider.

  One another = one another is used when you are saying that each member of a group does something to or for the other people in the group

  We all try and help one another.

  I think we've learned a lot about one another in this session.

  Fellow = [only before noun] used to describe somebody who is the same as you in some way, or in the same situation 例如:

  fellow members/ citizens/ workers

  my fellow passengers on the train

  I recognized a fellow sufferer, waiting nervously outside the exam room.

  Hit it off (with) somebody = to have a good friendly relationship with somebody 例如:

  We hit it off straight away.














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