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2017-08-28 17:54


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  只要是个名人,就十有八九被邀请去过什么毕业典礼啦,TED talk啦,或者什么talk show之类的,而且基本上都会端出来点儿心灵鸡汤,介绍一下自己的生平顺便吹个牛什么的,反正你成功了你说啥都对。

  所以关于interesting speech这个雅思口语题目,千万别绞尽脑汁回忆自己看过哪些人的speech,就随便让他们参加个节目,然后结合这位名人的生平,胡乱吹个两分钟就好了。(当然如果你看过印象深刻的speech拿来讲更好,这里只是给毫无思路的烤鸭们一个答题套路)

  There’s this famed TV show called Voice that invites successful people in different areas including movie stars, businessmen, TV celebrities, to deliver a speech to audience, to share their life story. And in one episode, they invited Jay Chou, my favorite singer and songwriter.

  It was quite an inspiring and informative speech in which he talked about his childhood, how he got spotted and how he became a household name in China.

  He grew up in a single parent family, his parents got divorced when he was only 4 years old. At school, he was quite introverted and shy, and he always got teased or picked on by those mean kids and bullies. But he was a tough boy and nothing could bring him down.

  He told the young audience not to get frustrated by the difficulties and hardship, ‘cause they would become precious gift later in life. For example, if he had hung out with those ‘popular’ kids, he wouldn’t have had time to himself, to come up with all those great ideas about music. And there are so many other examples that I might not able to cover in such a short time.

  Anyway, what I learned from the speech is that we could be anyone we want if we put our mind to it. I know it sounds a little cliché, but it’s true. It’s important to be single-minded on our way to success.


  this = used when you are telling a story or telling somebody about something 例如:

  There was this strange man sitting next to me on the plane.

  I've been getting these pains in my chest.

  inspiring = exciting and encouraging you to do or feel something 例如:

  an inspiring teacher

  spot = (not used in the progressive tenses) to see or notice a person or thing, especially suddenly or when it is not easy to do so 例如:

  Her modeling career began when she was spotted at the age of 14.

  I've just spotted a mistake on the front cover.

  I finally spotted my friend in the crowd.

  Can you spot the difference between these two pictures?

  Spotting the disease early can save lives.

  household name = a name that has become very well known 例如:

  She became a household name in the 1960s.

  introverted = more interested in your own thoughts and feelings than in spending time with other people 例如:

  His teachers perceived him as shy and introverted.

  She was as naturally extroverted as Paul was painfully introverted.

  pick on somebody / something = to treat somebody unfairly, by blaming, criticizing or punishing them 例如:

  She was picked on by the other girls because of her size.

  put/ set/ turn your mind to something = set your mind on something = to decide you want to achieve something and give this all your attention 例如:

  She could have been a brilliant pianist if she'd put her mind to it.

  single-minded = only thinking about one particular aim or goal because you are determined to achieve something 例如:

  She is very single-minded about her career.














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