雅思口语:a decision made by others that you disagree with

2017-08-28 17:48


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  这个矛盾就可以很好的编进雅思口语答案,来对应a decision made by others that you disagree with。这个decision就是“孩子一定要参加高考上大学”,不同意的原因就是“孩子这么有才华,不当歌手浪费了啊”!

  My uncle recently made a decision that I’m strongly against.

  Here’s the story.

  My cousin has always wanted to become a singer and songwriter since he was a little boy. He’s super sensitive to music, and he started to learn how to play the piano when he was only 4 years old. At first, his parents, I mean, my uncle and aunt were pretty supportive when he only considered that as his hobby. But things changed when he went to high school, ‘cause they think in China, the only way to get ahead is to study hard, get into a prestigious university, land a decent job, get married and start a family. They don’t think being a musician is a steady job, and they think the show business is not good influence.

  But the thing is, my cousin is no college material. He’s a boy with awesome artistic talent, and it would be a waste of that talent if he just follows the crowd. I mean, why force him to do something he’s neither interested in nor good at when he could pursue something he’s truly passionate about?

  If all the parents in China thought the same way, there wouldn’t be those great musicians like Lang Lang, the famed pianist or Jay Chou, the well-known pop star.

  I guess what I’m saying is, everyone is unique and born to do something special. We should embrace that uniqueness and make the most of it.



  against = opposing or disagreeing with somebody / something 例如:

  That's against the law.

  She is against seeing (= does not want to see) him.

  Are you for or against the death penalty?

  She was forced to marry against her will.

  get ahead (of somebody) = to make progress (further than others have done) 例如:

  She wants to get ahead in her career.

  He soon got ahead of the others in his class.

  prestigious = respected and admired as very important or of very high quality 例如:

  a prestigious award

  the city's most prestigious and exclusive hotel

  land = to succeed in getting a job, etc, especially one that a lot of other people want 例如:

  He's just landed a starring role in Spielberg's next movie.

  the thing is = used to introduce an important fact, reason or explanation 例如:

  I'm sorry my assignment isn't finished. The thing is, I've had a lot of other work this week.

  material = things that are needed in order to do a particular activity 例如:

  The teacher saw her as good university material (= good enough to go to university).

  the crowd = (sometimes disapproving) ordinary people, not special or unusual in any way 例如:

  We all like to think we stand out from the crowd (= are different from and better than other people).

  He prefers to be one of the crowd.

  She's quite happy to follow the crowd.

  be born to be/ do something = to have something as your destiny (= what is certain to happen to you) from birth 例如:

  He was born to be a great composer.

  make the most of something / somebody / yourself = to gain as much advantage, enjoyment, etc. as you can from somebody / something 例如:

  It's my first trip abroad so I'm going to make the most of it.

  She doesn't know how to make the most of herself (= make herself appear in the best possible way).














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