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2017-08-10 17:29


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  I happen to have a neighbor who just moved in to my apartment building a few weeks ago.

  I’d like to talk about my neighbor who has been living next door to me for almost 5 years.


  I still remember the first day we met. He knocked on my door, and handed me a mini speaker. I was like, what… why and who are you? He explained, like, he was new here, and he was about to do some renovation stuff in his new apartment, so there’s gonna be irritating noises like the hammering and drilling. He told me I could use this speaker to play some loud music, you know, to block out the noise. I was really impressed by his gesture.

  So you see, he left a super great first impression on me, I mean, he struck me as a humorous and polite person from the very first day we met.

  然后下面就是“一来二去的熟络了起来”,然后逐渐了解,发现这个人“扣题的特质”,例如如果是“interesting”,那么就多讲讲他生活丰富多彩的一面,如果是“polite”,就来夸夸他待人接物多么有礼貌,如果是“new friend”,就用第一个开头,刚搬过来没几周,等等……

  惯用的套话就是“And then, one thing led to another, we became good friends. And the more I get to know him, the more I realize how amazing his life is./how polite he is.”等等。

  下面用“interesting neighbor”举个例子:

  Actually, we clicked immediately when we realized that we had so much in common. Like, we are both into music and travelling. She has her own band and she’s the lead singer. In her spare time, she would write songs and sing in the nightclub part-time. She has been to countless places and really seen the world, so she has various fascinating stories to tell. Oh, I forgot to mention earlier, she’s also an excellent cook. What she makes is mouth-watering and tastes out of this world.

  I guess I’m really lucky to have her as my neighbor, I mean, she really spices things up for me. / adds some spice to my life.


  I’m like = used in very informal speech, to mean ‘I say’ 例如:

  And then I'm like ‘No Way!’

  like = used in very informal speech, for example when you are thinking what to say next, explaining something, or giving an example of something 例如:

  It was, like, weird.

  It was kind of scary, like.

  It's really hard. Like I have no time for my own work.

  block out = to stop light or noise from coming in 例如:

  Black clouds blocked out the sun.

  He put his hands over his ears to block out the noise.

  gesture = something that you do or say to show a particular feeling or intention 例如:

  They sent some flowers as a gesture of sympathy to the parents of the child.

  It was a nice gesture (= it was kind) to invite his wife too.

  strike somebody as something = to give somebody a particular impression 例如:

  His reaction struck me as odd.

  She strikes me as a very efficient person.

  How does the idea strike you?

  click = to become friends with somebody at once; to become popular with somebody 例如:

  We met at a party and clicked immediately.

  spice something up = to add interest or excitement to something 例如:

  He exaggerated the details to spice up the story.

  Her conversation is always spiced with humour.














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