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  Some people suggest that there should be restrictions on a detailed description of crimes in the newspapers and on television. To what extent do you agree or disagree? 有人建议对于报纸和电视上犯罪细节的报道应该加以限制,你在多大程度上同意这个观点?




  v 为何应该限制对于犯罪细节的报道

  ➀ 过度犯罪细节的报道会提高犯罪率,导致社会的不稳定。

  ➁ 一些人从犯罪细节的报道中学习到了犯罪的方法,破案的细节,尤其是一些刑事犯罪,因此,犯罪细节的报道某种程度上起到教唆犯罪的作用。

  v 为何不该限制对于犯罪细节的报道

  ➀ 因为对于犯罪细节的报道的初衷是提醒公众,所以关于如何预防犯罪,教育公众加强自我保护,有报道的必要。例如新型的网络犯罪,手机诈骗。

  ✍ 范文赏析

  【首段】 背景介绍 + 争议焦点 + 写作立场

  Currently, modern people are often exposed to detailed depictions of various anti-social offences in newspapers or televisions, which has become a sort of feature of commercialized mass media. There is no consensus among people as to whether it should strictly censor detailed description of crimes. Personally speaking, the reportages of violations should be strictly controlled whereas the ways of preventing some crimes should be introduced.


  Granted, convincing arguments can be explored to justify the idea of implementing strict control on the descriptions of criminalities. For one thing, those criminal descriptions exert great negative impacts on the teenagers. So immature and curious are many youngsters that they tend to blindly duplicate those crimes they see on television, which might lead them to embark on the criminal road. For another, as for many potential offenders, some skills of committing crimes could be learned from the introductions of crimes. Specifically, some habitual violators have access to criminal skills and even the police’s detective methods from television programs and newspapers’ stories about crimes.


  Nevertheless, it is not wise to abolish all the reportages on crimes. Some proper and timely crime exposure are still of great necessity. The original purpose of crime introductions is to educate and remind the public. It is easier for people to be away from the harmfulness of new offences and strengthen their self-protection awareness if they are familiar with the means of malefactions. To illustrate, with the development of high technology, on-line crime is becoming prevailing, numerous violators have been carrying out on-line fraud. Some crime groups are now spreading delusive lottery-winning information via the Internet to reap fabulous profits illegally, therefore, the successive revelation of on-line fraud will warn people against offences like this.


  Overall, it is my viewpoint that detailed reportage of various crimes should be restrained or even canceled, especially criminal offences, however, the emphasis should be put on educating the public on how to avoid the violations of various malefactions.



  7.5 分项说明

  Task achievement

  • covers all requirements of the task sufficiently

  • presents, highlights and illustrates key features/ bullet points clearly and appropriately

  Coherence and cohesion

  • sequences information and ideas logically

  • manages all aspects of cohesion well

  • uses paragraphing sufficiently and appropriately

  Lexical resource

  • uses a wide range of vocabulary fluently and flexibly to convey precise meanings

  • skillfully uses uncommon lexical items but there may be occasional inaccuracies in word choice and collocation

  • produces rare errors in spelling and/or word formation

  Grammatical range and accuracy

  • uses a wide range of structures

  • the majority of sentences are error-free

  • makes only very occasional errors or inappropriacies


  This is a convincing presentation. The structure is standard. These simple errors should be addressed. The introduction is well developed. Your stand about the topic is understood.

  You have presented good views in the main body. The second paragraph ably discusses why such exhibition of crimes should be abolished. The explanations are convincing. The third paragraph explains why such instances of crimes should be aired. The cohesion is good. The paragraphs are well linked. The conclusion you have made is well developed in relation to the discussion and topic.

  This is a good discussion. The subject matter is relevant. The structure is good. The simple errors can be addressed. Your language usage is good.



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