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  雅思口语part1往往被同学们认为是雅思口语三部分中较容易的部分。实际的确如此,part1 的难度最低,话题贴近生活,在这一答题过程中更易于同学们进入口语对话状态。但对于英文基础较差的同学,雅思口语part1部分虽然简单但依旧会暴露出语法,用词等不足。今天新东方网雅思小编为大家整理雅思口语part1 中常见的题目和答题方法。希望同学们有所学习。

  1. Study

  1. What subject are you studying?

  I’m doing/studying 科目名称 in 大学名称university.

  My program is…

  Positive answer: I’m studying Business Management at XX University.” I find business is a fascinating world to explore. I am studying hard and hopefully one day I’ll become a successful businessman.

  Negative answer: I’m doing XXX at XXX University. It’s stagnant. I didn’t choose this subject myself. I don’t have much interest in it.

  Neutral answer: I’m doing XXX in XXX University. My programme is fine, but the subject is not what I’m concerned about. I focus on the campus life.

  Key words:

  knowledge-oriented 以知识为导向的


  theoretical things

  practical things

  hands-on ability 有实际操作能力

  tutors are learned 老师很博学

  learning atmosphere 学习氛围

  2. Why did you choose to study that subject?

  The reason I chose it was because

  hunting a job in China.

  it’s very demanding.

  … is my motivation.

  It will be in demand in the future

  3. Are you looking forward to working?

  Absolutely. I’m really looking forward to work. At least that means you're doing something rather than just sitting there. Oh yeah, you make money too. Nobody pays you to study though it may come in handy later on. You learn a lot of things which are out of the text-book.

  4. Do you prefer to study in the mornings or in the afternoons?

  I always start promptly at eight in the mornings. I study for two hours, have a ten-minute break, and the study for another two hours. I follow this habit from Monday’s to Friday’s, but over the weekends I put in more hours. For example, I study in the afternoons as well, and then take the evenings off to relax with my family or friends.

  2. Work

  简析: work和 study是考官最爱问到的话题,对于已经大学毕业的学生来说,什么样的工作,工作的内容,为什么选择这份工作,你想要做什么工作都是会被问到的。所以在说的时候可以加入一些自己的期望以及能得到的回报等细节来扩充自己的回答。

  Boost my people skills 培养与人沟通的能力

  I enjoy interacting/communicating/mingle with different types of clients

  Expand my social network 积累人脉

  I could establish a sound relationship in this area.

  Meet my requirements such as financial security 满足我的需要,例如经济保障

  1) What job do you do?

  I’m working in a private company as a clerk./as an accountant. Actually you need to be patient and assertive (自信) in order to master your work. This job will build up your confidence. However sometimes it is boring/stagnant无聊.

  2) Why did you choose to do that job?

  I am passionate about my job on so many different levels, I love it not only because I can get a high annual salary, a tempting bonus and welfare benefits, but also because I can get a great sense of satisfaction and achievement.

  3) What do you like about your work?

  It’s a highly respected job.

  It gives me quick promotion.

  Expose myself.

  Keep abreast of new trend.

  It offers me promising future.

  Of course, I won’t deny that the salary is good. I’m well paid.

  I’m not gonna lie to you. My job offers me decent salary.










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